Mechanical Engineering

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    Currently we are collaborating with other departments of SUST. The laboratory facilities are really great. We believe that this state-of-the art research facility will help the students to focus on a research oriented career as well as skilled engineering career. Besides, we are working relentlessly to establish our own laboratory facilities. The university authority is constantly helping us with proper funding and other relevant supports.The research area of Mechanical Engineering Department can be divided into following broad sections:
    • Manufacturing
    • Fluid Dynamics (CFD, numerical simulation)
    • Materials Science
    • Robotics and control system
    • Heat Transfer
    • Renewable Energy
    • Bio-medical Engineering
    • Automobile Engineering

    Our proposed laboratories are:
    1. Fluid Mechanics and fluid machinery laboratory
    2. Solid Mechanics laboratory
    3. Mechanics of Machinery laboratory
    4. Heat engine laboratory
    5. Thermodynamics and fuel testing laboratory
    6. CAD/CAM, Simulation and Numerical laboratory (Advanced Computer laboratory)
    7. Aerodynamics laboratory
    9. Robotics and Mechatronics laboratory
    10. Automobile laboratory
    11. Refrigeration and Air conditioning laboratory
    12. Advanced Materials laboratory