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    The Central Library of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology started with a very small number of books and only four rooms in 1990 at the Academic Building  ‘A’. It is now housed in its own 4-storied Central Library Building.

    Library Hours:

    The library provides 12 hour non-stop services from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on all working days.

    Library Resources (Hard Copy):

    Starting with a very meager collection, the library has now been enriched with more than 69 thousand books, 6 thousand hard copy journals/ periodicals and 23 Dailies for its users.

    Library e-Resources:

    The library has been subscribing more than 10 thousand e-Journals/Resources through Bangladesh-INASP-PERI Consortium (BIPC). In addition, it has been subscribing the e-Journals/Resources of Emerald, JSTOR, IEEE, and ACM and purchased 37,500 + e-Books through UGC Digital Library (UDL). All these e-Resources can be accessed through the IP’s of the University.

    Library Management:

    The affairs of the library, viz. library management, procurement and processing of library resources, readers’ services, circulation services, reference services, etc. are performed by a dynamic team of 38 Officers & staff  (Librarian- 1, Additional Librarian- 1, Asst. Librarian- 5, Sub-Asst. Librarian- 1, Junior Librarian- 2, Asst. Administrative Officer- 1 and other staff- 27) under the leadership of a professional librarian.

    Computerized Service:

    The library has been computerized (using the ILS KOHA by developing a database in MARC 21 format) and providing computerized library services since September 2013. The resources can be searched through online from everywhere using the link: http://library.sust.edu.The circulation of books is done through computerized system within the seconds. As a part of computerization, RFID tag has been attached to each book for maintaining its security. Moreover, CCTV system with 32 CC cameras is being run for the security of the whole library.

    Library Orientation:

    The Library arranges Library Orientation Program in every year for the newly admitted students of each and every department to make them acquainted with the resources, services, and techniques for access to the library resources so that they can get maximum benefits from the library. The library users have the open access to all the book shelves and they are free to use each and every book of the Library.

    Muktijuddho Corner:

    The Central Library has established a unique Muktijuddho Corner which is enriched with the Books, Posters, Maps, Videos, Documents, etc. on the Great Liberation War of Bangladesh held in 1971. The present collection of books in the Muktijuddho Corner is more than 2,000 titles.

    E-Resources Subscription for SUST



    Free for SUST until 31 December 2020. Need User Name & Password, for it please contact LIBRARIAN, Central Library - PABX: 220 & 250. Password do not shaire with anyone outside SUST, do not post any webpage/social network, do not use from abroad. Violation may lead to suspension of access for the wholr university.

    TRAIL ACCESS on going 

    Oxford Journals complete collection (https://academic.oup.com/journals) till 31st Oct.'17

    Taylor & Francis Group journals (http://www.tandfonline.com) till 30th September 2017

    Taylor & Francis Group rare archive (http://www.southasiaarchive.com) & (http://www.secretintelligencefiles.com) till 30th September 2017

    SAGE Journals (http://journals.sagepub.com) till 30th September 2017

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