Campus Life


1. SUST Debating Club (SDC)
Established: 1992
Activities: Debating, public speaking, improving presentation and communication skills, inter-department debate competition, workshop, study circle, inter-university debate festival etc.

2. Ongikar Shangskritik Songsad
Established: 1994
Activities: Creating awareness about cultural aggression, social welfare activities, celebrating national days, cultural programs, drama, calligraphy exhibition, organize book fair, publication of magazine etc.

3. Shikorh
Established: 1995
Activities: Music, dance, drama, lighting, recitation, literature, art, cultivating Bengali culture, building secular society etc.

4. Tourist Club
Established: 1st January, 1995
Activities: Most of the programs of this club is related to tourism. One of the main objective is to introduce everyone in home & abroad with the beautiful tourist spots of bangladesh and improving the condition of national tourism industry. It also looks to improve the knowledge & experience of the students of SUST by organizing national and international tours. It also helps to improve the organizing skill and leadership ability of its members. One of its prime target is to establish the stunning campus of SUST as a tourist spot of Bangladesh. Besides, it also celebrates several national and international day, organize several tourism related seminars and undertakes several research and publishes journals.

5. Shahjalal University Photography Association (SUPA)
Established: (1996)
Activities: Developing photography skills, sharing the skill with others, developing technical support in terms of equipment and laboratories, participating in national and international events in photography, arranging workshops, lectures, exhibitions and visual documentation of issues of importance and interest etc.

6. Rokon Ifthekhar Memorial (RIM)
Established: 1997
Activities: Promote music in all forms, perform alternative music or progressive rock, introducing people to different tracks of music.

7. Theater SUST
Established :1997
Activities: Staging drama, recognizing the promising performing artists, provide means for talents to blossom etc.

8. Mabooi Abrittee Sansod
Established: 1998
Activities: Practice the art of recitation, recitation workshops, recitation competition etc.

9. Deek Theater
Activities: Popularizing drama, theater movement, staging drama etc.

10. KIN
Established: 2002
Activities: Help the underprivileged people for betterment of their life.

11. Nongor
Established: 2003
Activities: Band music, organizing school of visual arts, music school, metal fan club, etc.

12. SUST Science Arena
Established: 2004
Activities: Creating awareness about science and science related knowledge, seminar, study circle, book fair, quiz competition etc.

13. Sports SUST
Established: 2005
Activities: Organizing different indoor and outdoor games including football, cricket volleyball handball and badminton tournaments, observing national days, etc.

14. SUST Writers Club
Established: 2005
Activities: Encouraging students to write, improving writing skill, monthly meeting, wall magazine , workshop etc.

15. Shahjalal University Speakers Club(SUSC)
Established: 2005
Activities: Encouraging the students to improve their speaking and listening skills in English, speaker’s hour, workshop, Speakers’ festival etc.

16. Natai
Activities: Organized cultural and voluntary activities, arranging traditional games etc.

Established: 2008
Activities: Staging drama, music, dance, recitation, film making, workshop in drama & film making etc.

Other Organizations:

18. Aniket Sangskritik Songho
Estahlished: 2002

19. Chokh Film Society
Established: 1996

20. Education Watch
Established: 15/08/2007

21. Cartoon Factory
Established: 01/10/2007

22. Nirapod Shorok Chai
Established: 08/07/2007

23. Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

24. Anti Smoking And Anti Narcotic Organization

25. Career Design Center
Established: 26/08/2007
26. Onnesha

27. Promising Youth

28. Student Aid SUST
Established: 06/05/2007

29. SUST Cricket Club
Established: 28/12/2007

30. Monthly Protidhoni
Established: 14/11/2007

31. Dhrubotara
Established: 29/10/2007

32. Quantum Foundation: SUST Cell
Established: 2007

33. Sports Courcil of SUST
Established: 13/03/2008

34. Rotoract Club SUST
Established: 1993

35. Chandra bnindu Shongskritik Songsad
Established: 06/05/2009

36. Prothom Alo bondhushava

37. Sawpnotthan
Established: 01/08/2010

38. Songshoptok Natya Poribar
Established: 20/03/2011

39. Kaizen
Established: 20/06/2011

40. Amora Muktijuddra Shantan
Established: 29/08/2010

41. Sonchalon
Established: 03/11/2008

42. Uttohron Shongskrith Forum

43. A Caravan of Peace (ACP) SUST
Established: 26/08/20 10

44. J.J.D. Frnch Forum
Established: 12/01/2007

45. Debate SUST
Established: 15/05/2008

46. Shorup Sahitho Shangskritik Gousty
Established: 07/09/2008

47. Daynik Amardesh Patakmala
Established: 13/04/2008

48. Shattik
Established: 18/08/2008

49. Green Explore Socity
Established: 11/01/2012

5o. SUST Career Club
Established: 14/02/2012

51. Neighbour
Established: 21/03/2012

52. Youth Group
Established: 11/07/2012

53. Copernicu Astronomical Memoril SUST
Established: 17/07/2012

54. United Nations Youth and Student Association oF Bangladesh
Established: 04/02/2013

55. Shongshoptok Nattay Poribar
Established: 04/04/2010