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    Student Engagement & Support

    Nribijnan Samity (Anthropology Society)

    The Nribijnan Samity is completely non-political, non-communal, and voluntary association of SUST. It unites all the teachers and students of the department of Anthropology, to build partnerships between the two for mutual cooperation, contact, thinking, consciousness and friendship and joint collaboration. It is also working to play an active role in the social development of all the people irrespective of religion, color, class. From its inception, this association is developing the durable talent of the members of the association organization through various creative activities. This association aims to create a common anthropological family by mutual consent, unity and cooperation. The governing body formed in coordination with the head of the department, treasurer (one selected teacher) and 2 elected/selected students from each semester. This association run by a written constitution, which conduct the following activities
    • Regular meetings and practice of healthy culture.
    • Organizing seminars, symposiums on important national and international issues.
    • Organizing new recruitment of newcomers to the departments, the departure of outgoing students and annual hostage, sports competitions, film exhibitions etc.
    • To conduct different cultural activities and cultural programs, including recitation, acting, debating, singing, dancing, painting and writing.
    • Human rights and social welfare programs.
    • To protest against human rights violations in any way to safeguard human rights and to deprive human rights, stand beside the helpless victims of victims of brutal torture and give them the necessary help.
    • Celebrate National and International Day