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    • Undergraduate

      Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Social Work is the basic entry level undergraduate program.  The department admits 65 students per year based on the previous academic performances set by the university authority. This program is completed in four years of full-time study. BSS program qualify graduates for work with individuals, families, groups and communities. Through a combination of course work, research, community development camping and field internship, the bachelor of social work programs emphasize human rights and social justice through hands-on learning. Students gain experience in assessment, interviewing, counseling, advocacy and community capacity building. On completion, students are prepared for beginning social work practice as generalist practioners.

    • Graduate

      The department of Social Work offers two types of Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Social Work programs called Thesis and Non-thesis programs. Non-thesis MSS in social work is completed in one year (two semester) of full-time study and the Thesis program requires additional one semester to complete the degree. Thesis program is designed for top meritorious students based on their achieved grade at BSS level and availability of faculty members interested to supervise thesis. Both of these programs are based on analytical and critical approaches to social work practice, and to knowledge related to practice. The program examines the generalist and structural context of personal and social problems, and of social work practice. The structural context refers to the interaction between individuals and the social, political, and economic aspects of society.

      The orientation of the department explicitly includes approaches to social development and social change which involves working directly with individuals, groups, and communities. This includes a strong emphasis on sensitivity to the individual, group and community and on the development of new and innovative strategies for working with   individual, group and community   in the context of their everyday lives.

      The central purpose of the graduate program is to provide students with the opportunity to build on their knowledge and experience through classroom lecture, research and internship. The program is designed to make to deepen their understanding of both the methods and contexts of practice, to build new knowledge, and to apply this new knowledge in a practical way.

      Candidate having BSS in social work degree from the department is allowed to get admitted directly in MSS program. However, candidates with same qualification graduated from different university require admission tests which are designed as per the graduate ordinance of the university.


      This program is started from the session of 2011-2012.  The program is designed for advanced professionals in social science field giving special focus on research. The graduates are required to test, modify and build new theories on social issues through empirical research that can ultimately contribute in the formulation of social policy and programs. The two year full time program is divided into four semesters in which students are engaged in course work related to social work and social research for their first two semesters. After successful completion of coursework with required performance they are allowed to work on their thesis which is scheduled to complete within one year (two semesters).  Currently 8 students are pursuing their MPhil degree under the supervision of professors of the department.

      Ph. D.

      The department started doctoral program in academic year 2013-2014 with two students. The minimum duration of this program is three years (6 semesters). This program is included both research and course work but the basic objective of the program is to conduct empirical research on contemporary social issues. The students graduated from social sciences and other disciplines with certain criteria are eligible for PhD enrollment under the guidance of senior faculty members of the department. At present the department is hosting 5 PhD researchers who are conducting research on different social issues.