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    Mechanical Engineering

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    The core mission of Mechanical Engineering Department, SUST is to direct efforts towards the most challenging needs of the society through innovation and excellence in research and Technology development. Department of Mechanical Engineering is currently emphasizing on building and facilitating the major research groups with modern equipment centering its focus and methodologies. Our faculty members in SUST’s Mechanical Engineering Department work on a simple philosophy: we push the limits of the possible. We use a wide spectrum of methodologies starting from design thinking and computational simulation through control systems to the multi-scale approaches ranging from the nanoscale to complex mechanical systems. The researches that are conducted in this department are mainly multi-disciplinary in nature. Our faculty and students regularly work in collaboration with colleagues in other departments in the School of Applied Sciences and Technology and in departments as diverse as Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics. At present, the department offers only BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, we have the plan to offer MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Biomechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering before long. Its multi-disciplinary curriculum, including our strong focus on uniformity in fundamental subject material, provide our graduates with necessary competence for a wide range of engineering professions.