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    Student Engagement & Support

    Under the Leadership of ‘Economic Association’, department of Economics organizes some co- and extra-curricular activities for all the members of the association.

    Co-curricular Activities:
    a. Arranging Conferences and Seminar related to Economics
    b. Participating in TA Program
    c. Arranging & participating in different training programs
    d. Arranging & participating in data collection, research and publication of student working series
    e. Inter Semester/Mixed Debate Competition
    f. Publishing Wall Papers
    Extra-curricular Activities:
    a. Sports’ Week: Assembled with indoor games like Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Carom, Dart, Ludu etc.
    b. Inter Semester Cricket Competition
    c. Inter Semester Football Competition
    d. Picnic (Within a short distance)
    e. National Tour
    f. National Days Celebration
    g. Fresher’s Reception (Cultural Programme take place within it)

    Student Counseling Cell:
    This cell aims at helping students soothing their problems as well as reaching their highest academic and personal potential. This office provides a confidential atmosphere in which students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns they may have. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self awareness, and to overcome problems.

    The office of the student counseling services offers free and confidential counseling to students on individual or group basis. In order to avail the counseling service, students have to schedule an appointment with the counselors selected by the department. Students’ referrals from peers, faculty or staff are also welcome.