3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Introduction to Java: History of Java, Java Class Libraries, Introduction to Java Programming, A simple Program. Developing Java Application: Introduction, Algorithms, Pseudo code, Control Structure, The If /Else Selection Structure, The While Repetition Structure, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, Primitive Data Types, Common Escape Sequence, Logical Operator Control Structure: Introduction, The For Structure, The Switch Structure, The Do/While Structure, The Break and Continue Structure. Methods: Introduction, Program Module in Java, Math Class Methods, Method Definitions, Java API Packages, Automatic Variables, Recursion, Method Overloading, Method of the Applet Class. Arrays : Introduction, Arrays, Declaring and Allocating Arrays, Passing Arrays to Methods, Sorting Arrays, Searching Arrays, Multiple-Subscripted Arrays Object-Based Programming: Introduction, Implementing a Time Abstract DataType with a Class, Class Scope, Controlling Access to Members, Utility Methods, Constructors, Using Overload Constructor, Using Set and Get Method, Software Reusability, Friendly Members, Finalizers, Static Class Members, Data Abstraction and Information Hiding Object-Oriented Programming: Introduction, Superclasses and Subclasses, Protected Members, Using Constructor and Finalizers in Subclasses, Composition vs. Inheritance, Introduction to polymorphism, Dynamic method building, Final Methods and Classes, Abstract Superclasses and Concrete Classes. String and Characters, Graphics, Exception Handling, Files and Stream, Java API, Utility Classes, 2D Graphics, GUI, Swing, Events.