6 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Introduction: What is database, MySQL , Oracle , SQL, Datatypes, SQL / PLSQL, Oracle Software Installation, User Type, Creating User , Granting. Basic Parts of Speech in SQL: Creating Newspaper Table, Select Command (Where , order by), Creating View, Getting Text Information & Changing it, Concatenation, Cut & paste string(RPAD , LPAD , TRIM , LTRIM , RTRIM, LOWER , UPPER , INIT, LENGTH , SUBSTR , INSTR , SOUNDEX). Playing The Numbers: Addition , Subtraction , Multiplication , Division, NVL , ABS , Floor , MOD , Power , SQRT , EXR , LN , LOG , ROUND, AVG , MAX , MIN , COUNT , SUM, Distinct, SUBQUERY FOR MAX,MIN. Grouping things together: Group By , Having, Order By, Views Renaming Columns with Aliases. When one query depends upon another: Union, Intersect , Minus, Not in , Not Exists. Changing Data : INSERT,UPDATE,MERGE,DELETE, ROLLBACK , AUTOCOMMIT , COMMIT, SAVEPOINTS, MULTI TABLE INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, MERGE. Creating And Altering tables & views: Altering table, Dropping table, Creating view, Creating a table from a table. By What Authority: Creating User, Granting User, Password Management. An Introduction to PL/SQL: Implement few problems using PL/SQL (eg Prime Number, Factorial, Calculating Area of Circle, etc). An Introduction to Trigger and Procedure: Implement few problems using Trigger and Procedures. An Introduction to Indexing: Implement indexing using a large database and observe the difference of Indexed and Non-Indexed database.