3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction to Port Management: History, Types of port, Importance of Port, Role and functions of port, Services provided by port authority 2. Port Economics and Management: Port economics; demand/supply and different categories of ports; port performance and productivity; finance and pricing of port and terminal services, forecasting demand and capacity; port and terminal operations; public-private partnerships (i.e. private sector participation in terminal ownership and management) 3. Introduction to Maritime Logistics: Maritime law; maritime transport, operations and logistics; container logistics; supply chain management 4. Organization of a Shipping Company: Roles of Commercial, In-house vs. outsourcing of ship management function, ship registries, National vs. Open registries, Ship classification societies 5. Managing Port Operations: Introduction to vessel traffic system and Harbor authority, Terminal operation, Factor effecting terminal productivity, Cargo handling equipment 6. Analysis of port: Chittagong, Mongla, Payra and others international port 7. Dredging, Dumping and Blast Water Management: Dredging of the port area, Causes of Dredging, long term and short term effect for dredging; Dumping impact and problems of the port management; Source of blast water, Contamination of flora and fauna in the native waters. Recommended Books 1. Photis Panayides. Maritime Logistics: A Complete Guide to Effective Shipping and Port Management, Dong-Wook song.