3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction to Research Methodology: meaning, objectives, types of research, methodology vs. methods, research process, qualities of a good research, problems of research in Bangladesh 2. Selecting and defining a research problem, Techniques of defining a problem. 3. Design of research plan, meaning of research design, need for research design, various research design. 4. Sampling strategies and methodology design of sampling programs, water parameters, sediments, bacteria, plankton, benthos and nekton. 5. Data Collection (Primary method): Collection of data through questionnaires. Collection of data through Schedule, Difference between Questionnaires and Schedules, constructing questionnaire and schedule. 6. Data Collection (Secondary method): Various Methods of Secondary data collection. 7. Data analysis: Various methods of data analysis. 8. Accuracy of Results: Types of errors and their control, Replication and standard samples, Degrees of accuracy, calculations and level of significance 9. Presentation of Research Findings: Data processing, data analysis, graphical representation, Statistical & ecological analyses and tabulation, Manuscript preparation (thesis/dissertation), Writing techniques of research proposal for funding, Monitoring and evaluation of research projects, Research report preparation 10. Research extension processes (seminar, symposium, workshop, training program, popular and scientific paper publication). 11. Case study Method Recommended Books 1. Research methods in marine biology, edited by C Schliepen 2. How to write scientific papers, Elsevier 3. Research Methodology Methods and Techniques, C. R. Kothari. 4. A guide to Research Proposal and Report Writing, A. R. Moten.