3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction to marine products. 2. Sea Food: Definition, Types, Health value, Economic importance, Major sea food industry. 3. Marine Medicinal Products: Economically important marine species, product list, manufacturing, economic importance. 4. Cosmetic Products: Products name, processing. 5. HACCP: Definition, Principles, Hazard, Hazard Analysis, HACCP Plan. SSOP, SOP, GMH, GHP, GAP etc. 6. Fish and Shellfish Preservation Techniques: Chilling, Freezing, Salting, Drying, Smoking, Canning, Fermentation, Irradiation. 7. Modern packing methods 8. Processing Facilities: Processing plant, Cold storage, Supply and ingredients, Equipment and Lab facilities. 9. Transportation and storage of raw fish and finished products, Live fish/crab transportation. 10. Microbiology of fish spoilage. 11. Assessment and control of Fish and Shell fish quality. 12. Sea Food Industry : Manufacturing process, Marketing process 13. Fish and Shell Fish Processing: Shrimp, Hilsa, Crab, Oyster, Mussels 14. Food Safety Management System: ISO 2200:2005, Food Safety, Food Safety Policy, Food Safety Objectives, BRC-British Retail Consortium, OHSAS 18001: 2007.