3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction: Definition of pollution, types, contamination and sources of air pollution, water pollution, coastal and deep sea pollution, effect of pollutants on organism 2. Air Pollution: Definition, major sources of air pollution, effect of air pollution on human beings. Transport and dispersion of pollutants effects of meteorological and topographic functions. Effects of pollutants. 3. Water Pollution: Types, sources and consequences of water pollution. Ecological and biological aspects of water pollution. Types and characteristics of domestic, industrial and agricultural waste and their effects on water bodies. 4. Sewage: Definition of sewage, sources and types of sewage, Characteristics of sewage, Sewage treatment, Eutrophication and its effect. Solid waste disposal problem and its management in urban area. 5. Industrial Wastes: Sources of effluents, nature of effluents of some industries, Effects of effluents on aquatic ecosystem, Waste treatment: Primary treatment, Secondary treatment and Tertiary treatment. 6. Heavy Metals: Introduction, Sources of heavy metals, Effects of heavy metals on aquatic ecosystem. Bioaccumulation and biomagnifications of lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. 7. Agro-Chemicals: Introduction, types of agrochemicals, Uses of Agrochemicals, Effects of agrochemicals on biota, Bio-accumulation and biomagnifications of organ chlorine pesticides (DDTs) in food chain and its impact on leaving ecosystem 8. Oil Pollution: Definition of oil, types and source of hydrocarbon,, fate of oil on the surface water of the ocean, impact of oil on marine ecosystem, oil removal techniques from the surface ocean 9. Toxicology: Introduction, principles and concepts, classification and sources of toxic substances. Pathways of toxic substances into ecosystem. Effect of toxic substances emphasis on physiological effects 10. Marine pollution conventions and law Recommended Books 1. Marine Pollution by R.B. Clark 2. Water Pollution by A.K. Tripallhi 3. Water Quality Management for Coastal Aquaculture by Sukumar Bandyopadhyay 4. Introduction to Water Resources Environmental Issues by Karie L Pennington 5. Heavy Metal in the Marine Environment by R.W. Furness