3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Mangrove 1. Mangrove: Definition, types, growth, global distribution, distribution of mangroves along the coastal region of Bangladesh. 2. Mangrove Plantation: Features of effective mangrove plants. Bed and sampling preparation. Area selection and plantation. 3. Mangrove Animals: aquatic, terrestrial and aerial: and Classification, distribution and biology. Inter-relationship among animals and plants. 4. Mangrove as an ideal nursery grounds for brackish water and marine animals. Features of adequate mangrove habitat. 5. Mangrove Management Strategies: goals and purposes, participatory planning and programme development. 6. Mangrove ecosystems and zonation 7. Mangroves of Bangladesh Coral 1. Introduction to Coral Reef: Definition, Types, Distribution, Importance 2. Coral Reef Ecology: Formation, Physical environment, Diversity status, tropic relationship 3. Coral reproduction, Coral reef community, Coral symbiosis, Human impact on coral reef, Solution to reef ecosystem integrity, Impacts of nutrient on coral reef, Effects on global warming on coral reef, Environmental factors affecting coral reef 4. Coral Reef Management: Assessing damage, Management for ecology and economics, Diversification, Tourism 5. Threats to Coral Reef: Natural threat (Hurricanes, tsunami, Earthquake, volcanism, Predators and competitors, bleaching, pathogens), Anthropogenic threat (Blast fishing, Building and housing, Tourism, Pollution) 6. Coral reef ecosystems in the Bay of Bengal. Recommended Books 1. An introduction to marine ecology. 3rd Ed. Barnes by R.S.K. and Hughes, R.N 2. Coral Reefs by Gail Gibbons