3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Sea coasts and their origin, classification of sea coasts and shorelines; depositional landforms and others process of coastal land forms. 2. Geomorphology and evolution of the Bangladesh coasts. 3. Beach configuration and stability. 4. Sources of beach materials and their related factors. 5. Sea level changes and their impact on coastal area. 6. Theory, types and nature of tides in the different coastal area of the world. 7. Waves generation, types and their measurements. 8. Wave energy density, wave energy flux, wave refraction, wave breaking and wave run-up. 9. Rip currents, long shore currents and transport along the coast. 10. Sediment cycles and movements in coastal waters. Recommended Books 1. Coastal Hydraulics by A.M. Mouir 2. Coastal Vegetation by V.J. Chapman