2 Hours/Week, 2 Credits

1. A brief history of the use of oil and gas. The generation of oil and gas prospects. Basic geology and rock properties. Basic seismology. Procuring the right to drill – “the mineral lease” Regulatory Permits, Basic Drilling Operations, The rig and rig site, Drilling Fluids, Well Control, Open Hole Evaluation using well logs, cores, and fluid tests. 2. Basic Completions, Open hole, Slotted Liner or Gravel Pack, Cased and Perforated, Multiple Completions. 3. Tubing and Packers, Perforations, Basic Production Operations, Reservoir Mapping. 4. Recovery mechanisms and Basic Economics. 5. Introduction to Seismology, The Seismogram, Vectors, Derivatives & Complex Variables, Tensors, Stress and Strain, Equations of Motion, the Wave Equation, Spherical Coordinates, Ray Theory, the Seismic Source, Plane Wave Reflection/Transmission; Evanescent Waves, Surface Waves, Normal Modes, Reflection/Refraction Seismology, Reflection Methods, Body waves; Imaging Earth’s Deep Interior, Anisotropy, Amplitudes and Attenuation, Earthquakes and Focal Mechanisms. Recommended Books 1. Mineral Resources of the Sea by U. Nations. 2. Elements of Petroleum Geology by R. C. Seley.