6 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction to Computer: Hardware, software, classification and applications. 2. Spreadsheet Analysis: Introduction (Spreadsheet & its Applications, Menus & Toolbars), Working with Spreadsheets (Converting files to different formats, Importing, Exporting, Spreadsheet addressing, Computing data, Mathematical operations, Using formulas), Formatting Spreadsheets (Border & shading, Highlighting values, Visibility, Sorting, Filtering, Validations, Consolidation, Subtotal), Creating Charts (Selecting charts, Formatting charts, label, scaling etc.), Using Tools (Error Checking, Spell Checks, Macros), Printing worksheet. 3. Database Applications: Introduction (Database concepts, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports), Working with Databases (Creating Tables, Table Design, Indexing, Entering data, Importing data), Creating Queries (SQL statements, Setting relationship, using wizards), Creating Forms, Creating & printing reports. 4. Statistical Analysis: Introduction, Operation commands, Data definition, manipulation commands and procedure commands like LIST, DESCRIPTIVES, FREQUENCIES, CROSSTABS, T-TEST, ANOVA, REGRESS, etc.