3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Systematic of Fish and Shellfish: Classification of marine fishes and shellfish of Bangladesh, Life history, reproduction, food and feeding mechanisms, migration and distribution of commercial fisheries organisms of the Bay of Bengal. 2. Fishing grounds of the Bay of Bengal: exploratory and commercial fishing in marine waters of Bangladesh. 3. Fishing Crafts and Gears Used in the Bay of Bengal: Types, design, operating techniques and gear selectivity and no fishing zones for different fisheries. 4. Fish Population Dynamics: Effort and catch; study of growth rates; age determination; mortality and over fishing. 5. Fishing Forecasting: Fish school front, ecological selectivity and potential fishing zone detection. 6. Fisheries Monitoring: Concept of common properties, GPS data logger and fishing pause. 7. Fishery Technology: Preservation and processing in Bangladesh; fishery by products, export of marine products. 8. Climate Variability and Fisheries: Global climate change, climate and the geography of the sea; decadal oscillations in the Bay of Bengal: Hilsa, Sharks and Tuna fish. 9. FAO code of conduct for responsible fisheries and Marine fisheries ordinance of Bangladesh. Recommended Books 1. Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management by M. King 2. An Introduction to the Practice of Fishery Science by W. F. Royce 3. Bangladesh Fisheries by M. Shafi.