2 Hours/Week, 2 Credits

1. Introduction: Define marine biochemistry and marine biotechnology, Historical background, overview of the present status of marine biotechnology, short communication of cell, nucleus, chromosome, nucleic acid (DNA, gDNA, mtDNA, RNA, Gene, Allele), biomolecules, molecular techniques (Markers, PCR, GE, Sequencing), molecular genetic analysis, rDNA technology, transgenesis etc. 2. Breeding Biotechnology of Marine Fish and Shellfish: Natural and artificial breeding, breeding plan, artificial selection, types of breeding, selective breeding etc. different approaches of reproductive manipulation of marine fish and shellfish. 3. Bioactive Compounds from Marine Bioresources: Products from marine sources, marine innovative products such as edible, medical, non-medical, chemicals etc. 4. Marine Pharmacology and Drug Development: Marine organisms for drugs, drug discovery process and productivity, new tools for drug discovery, finding drug to treat. Recommended Books 1. Outlines of Bio-Chemistry by Conn F.E. & P.K. Stump: Willey Eastern Ltd., 1989. 2. Biochemistry by H. Stryer: W.H. Freeman & Co. 3. Genes VII by B. Lewin: John Wiley 4. Molecular Biology of Gene by Watson et al.