3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Introduction to Atmosphere: Structure and Composition, Characteristics of the Gases, Ozone 2. The Energy of the Atmosphere: Isolation and Temperature, Factors and Controls, Transfer of Energy, The Earth’s Heat Balance, Spatial and Temporal Variation of Temperature, Inversion of Temperature, Air Pressure 3. Atmospheric Moisture: Humidity, The Hydrological Cycle, Clouds, Fogs, Precipitation 4. Atmospheric Motions: Forces Controlling Motion, Winds in the Atmosphere, Geostrophic, Gradient, Friction Layer and Vertical Wind, Temperature and Air Motions, Adiabatic Processes, Air Stability, Relationship between Vertical and Horizontal Motion 5. Atmospheric Circulation and Scales of Motion: Planetary Scale, Tricellular Model and General/Planetary Circulation, Jet streams, ITCZ and the Monsoon Wind System, Land and Sea Breeze, Mountain and Valley Winds, Thunderstorm andTornadoes 6. Atmospheric Disturbances: Air Mass and Fronts, Frontal Wave Theory of Cyclogensis, Cyclones and Anticyclone Recommended Books 1. Atmospheric Science: An introductory survey by J. M. Wallace and P.V. Hobbs 2. Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate dynamics by Marshall and Plumb