2 Hours/Week, 2 Credits

1. Problems with: (a) Main verbs (b) Tense (c) Modals and modal-related patterns (d) Causatives (e) Conditionals (f) Subjunctives (g) Infinitives (h) have + participles (i) Auxiliary verbs (j) Pronouns, relative pronouns, nous and adjectives, nouns functioning as Adjectives and other Parts of speech (k) Determiner (l) Comparatives (m) Prepositions and prepositional idioms (n) Point of view for Syntactical Pattern (o) Agreement of verbs (p) Introductory verbal modifiers (q) Sentence and clauses (r) word choice-Vocabulary-antonym, Synonym, Homonym, Homograph, Homophone; (s) Wh. Questions (t) Punctuations: Full stop, comma, colon, semi clon, apostrophe, capital letter, hyphen, quotation marks, titles etc (u) Proofreading 2. Reading comprehension 3. Composition (Argumentative Essay as per IELTS structure) Recommended Books 1. Barron’s TOEFL 2. Allen, W Stannard. Living English Structure 3. Cambridge IELTS series 4. Any other standard grammar book of Instructor’s choice