3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

1. Ocean and Oceanography: Definition, Types of Ocean, General Features of Ocean 2. History of Oceanography: Early history, The middle ages, European discoveries, Modern oceanography 3. Geographical Position and Comparative Study of the Three Major oceans: Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans 4. Branches of Oceanography: Physical Oceanography- Surface currents, Upwelling and Downwelling, Main surface circulation patterns, Deep ocean currents, Wave generation, Wave characteristics, Development of wind-generated waves, Wave changes in the surf zone, Tsunamis, Causes of tides, Monthly tidal cycle, Actual tide patterns in the ocean and coastal zones, Tidal Patterns, Heat and Sound; Chemical Oceanography- Properties of Sea water, Density variations, Salinity variations, Gases and nutrients; Biological Oceanography- Taxonomic classification of marine life, Marine biodiversity, Adaptations of marine organisms, Main divisions of the marine environment Primary productivity, Photosynthetic marine organisms, Regional variation in primary productivity, Energy and nutrient flow in marine ecosystems; Geological Oceanography- Continental Drift, Continental Margins, Deep Ocean Basins, Mid-Ocean Ridges, Seafloor Spreading, Marine Sediments and its classification. 5. Oceanography of Bangladesh: Maritime boundary, Field of study, Scope and Importance in Bangladesh. Recommended Books 1. The Ocean by H.U Sverdrup 2. Essentials of Oceanography by Alan P. Trujillo and Harold V. Thurman 3. Fundamentals of Oceanography by Keith A. Sverdrup 4. Oceanography: An Introduction to Marine Science by Tom Garrison 5. Introduction to the Biology of Marine Life by John Morrissey