3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Sampling with unequal probability, Horvitz-Thompson estimator and its standard error. Brewer and Durbin’s methods of selection of sample of size 2. Raj, Murthy, Rao-Hartley and Cochran and Samford’s methods of selection. PPS systematic selection. Estimation and standard errors. Multi-stage sampling: two and three stage sampling – equal and unequal clusters. Selection of units with equal and unequal probability with or without replacement. Self-weighting estimates. Double sampling with PPS selection: double sampling for stratification, ratio, regression and difference estimations, repetitive surveys. Sampling on two or more occasions. Sampling errors and non-sampling errors: different methods of estimating non-sampling errors. Nonresponse, interviewer`s bias, interpenetrating subsamples. Familiarity with recent sample surveys in Bangladesh. Large-scale surveys – DHS, HIES and SVRS.