3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Simulation: Introduction, concept and meaning of simulation studies and modeling, basic nature of simulation, discrete and continuous simulation, simulation of random numbers, random number generation, random variate generation, series and their convergence, polynomial and relational functions, incomplete gamma function, incomplete beta function, error function, chi-square probability function, cumulative probability function, exponential integrals, Student’s t distribution, F distribution, cumulative binomial distribution, hyper-geometric distribution, simple Monte Carlo integration, multidimensional function minimization. SAS: Structure of a SAS program, data step, data management and other facilities in the DATA step, saving and recalling SAS programs, input statement, SAS permanent data sets, PROC steps – PRINT, SORT, FORMAT, MEANS, UNIVARIATE, TABULATE, CORR, SUMMARY, CONTENTS, TRANSPOSE, FREQ, T-TEST, ANOVA, GLM, REG, PLOT, SAS graphics. R-Language: Overview of R, basic operations, list and data frames, grouping, loops and conditional execution, functions, statistical models in R, fitting distributions with R, graphical procedures, R for simulation and modeling, simulation case studies.