2 Hours/Week, 2 Credits

Features of Academic Writing style / features of academic English: Complexity, formality, precision, objectivity, explicitness, accuracy, hedging, organization, planning, impersonal, cohesive, coherent, authentic, etc. Formal and informal English. Features of effective paragraph: Topic sentence/introducer, developers, modulators, terminators. Structure and types of Essays: Effective introduction. Body paragraphs. Conclusion paragraphs. Argumentative essays. Persuasive essay. Expository essays. Formal letters on social, official and business correspondence, fax, e-mail, letters of opinion, complaint. Report writing (academic and nonacademic): Language and format. In-text citation. Reference. Workshop 1: Students will write a report (non-literary) either based on given data/information or conducting a survey. The report must demonstrate the specifics of academic writing.