3 Hours/Week, 3 Credits

Concept of parameter and statistic, sampling and sampling distribution, transformation of variates, standard errors of statistics. Sampling from normal and non-normal populations, distribution of various statistics. Distribution of functions of random variables of continuous and discrete types, joint distribution of and , detailed study of ?2, studentís t and F distributions, distribution of correlation coefficient in the null case, distribution of regression coefficient. Order statistics, joint distribution of n order statistics, marginal distributions of order statistics, distribution of the median and range, properties of order statistics. Distribution of test statistics and performance of tests, test for assigned mean, variance, proportion and correlation. Comparison of means, proportions, variances and correlation, Bartletts test of homogeneity of variances. Test for correlation and regression coefficients. Exact test for 2?2 table, test for r?c contingency table. Central limit theorem.